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Our team at RGI Technologies can be your marketing strategists, marketing implementors, and business developers. We have a team that can provide your business with  scalable marketing resources that you can turn on and off, as and when you need it. Our software development team offers the same on-demand flexibility. By having US and Internationally based software teams, our clients enjoy high quality deliverables, around the clock support, at an affordable rate.

You can utilize as many or as few of our services as you need. We can work with you on the long-term growth of your business, or we can help you with a one-off product launch, event or campaign.

When you employ the services of RGI Technologies, you open the door to the product development  & marketing resources that large corporations enjoy, but at a cost that is affordable for start-up and growing businesses. Our goal is simple, it is to engage your customers, generate leads, and win prospects for your business.


Engage Customers. Get Leads. Win Prospects.

We find effective solutions to business problems through strategy, tech, design thinking and good old-fashioned creativity.

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The RGI Difference

There is no such thing as an out-of-the-box business marketing solution. There is no such thing as one-size-fits-all lead generation plan. That’s why our team at RGI Technologies work closely with clients to develop solutions that are tailored to your unique goals.

We first work to understand your business. We then look at the landscape of the market that you compete in. We analyze the competition, the potential target markets, and we identify the unique selling points and product opportunities that can be leveraged within your strategy.

At RGI Technologies, we leverage our extensive experience in marketing, sales, and product development to turn your ideas & complex concepts into reality. As your partner, we know that every project is unique and isn’t just an exercise that fits into a ‘cookie cutter’ mold. The RGI culture focuses on innovation, communication, transparency, quality and exceeding your expectations with the highest standards along the way.